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Jesus’ giant turbo GMC Sierra

Jesus’ 1300hp step-side GMC Sierra is no joke, this thing has a large housing 94mm Batmowheel turbo trapping in the 150mph range in the 1/4 mile. If he hadn’t broken the driveshaft (around the 900ft mark) on the last pass of this video he would have been in the 8′s pretty easily. Footage is from the Houston Performance Truck Shootout and October Truck Madness. Truck built and tuned by Oddball Racing

1200hp TT Fox Body DOMINATES the streets!

This 408ci twin 76mm turbo powered fox body is NO JOKE – not only does it have the power to beat nearly everything in sight, but it can hook up on nearly any surface as you can see in the video. From roll racing, to dig racing, on the street and on the track, there’s no stopping this car!



1300hp Wheelie Blazer

Check out Daniel Burk’s badass wheelie yanking Nitrous Blazer from the 2013 October Truck Madness race in Houston! This thing was so consistent, it proved itself as the 3rd quickest truck at the race running low 8′s all day long and launching harder than anything we saw at the track!



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BEST OF Street Racing 2013 – 1320Video

The BEST street races of 2013 brought to you by 1320Video. We bring you 40 of the craziest cars, closest calls, and most intense street races of the year! With cars ranging between 400hp and 2000hp, there’s some truly insane shit in this video! Over 20 minutes of crazy street racing action!

See some of your favorite 1320Video feature cars including: The Beater Bomb, Stangkilr, 3Dx Evo, UGR Lambos, FR8Train, LSXWillys, BoostedGT, Barefoot Ronnie, Flip, 1320Video’s ZR-1, Dominator, Student Driver, Whiteboy, Monza, and more!


One Good Reason To Stay – Barrie Gledden / Jason Pedder
Levels – Pete Masitti / John Andrew Barrow