Drag Week 2011 DVD RELEASED!

Drag Week 2011
Price: $20.00
DVD Released 1/20/12

Drag Week 2011 reminded drag racers from across the country why Hot Rod Magazine’s annual event is regarded as the best test of any “true street car”. Over 170 cars participated in this year’s 5-day, 1,400 mile road trip through Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma with only 135 remaining at the end of the grueling week of track racing & road-tripping. The competition in the unlimited class proved to be fierce on the first days of Drag Week, but the racers quickly realized just how difficult it is to survive the week-long test of endurance and quest to be named the Fastest Street Car in America. Watch the events unfold as these racers try to make it through the week in this spectacular 2-hour DVD.



  1. Awesome share! Appreciate it!

  2. Mike Mingle says:

    I love the footage,the editing,and the quality of the recording,awesome job! However,it would be much cooler if there were no or very few F bombs and swearing.I only say this because my 4 year old son who is autistic and just now learning to talk loves HOTRODS AND SCREAMING ENGINES believe it or not. I found myself hitting the mute alot on the KOTS DVD.I do know that this isn’t necessarily for kids and probably near uncontrolable since this is REAL reality TV,but I’m sure more kids watch these dvds more than we think. Great DVDS and keep them coming :)