Farm Truck from Down Unda’ – The DIRTYBIRD!

There are some sleepers out there that you suspect might have something done, but if you saw this 1997 Ford Falcon cruising down the street it would not be one of them. Under the Hood (Bonnet) you’re immediately greeted with what at a glance, appears to be a Naturally Aspirated V8 gently tucked in the engine bay. Ok, fair enough…but wait, is that an air bypass valve? Right about there you start to realize that there is a lot more to this setup than you anticipated, or at least we did. Following the plumbing around some we wound up at the back of this Austrailia native Ford UTE (Coupe Utility Vehicle) where we found where the magic happens! Tucked down deep in the bed of this old farm truck are two 69MM Borg Warner turbo’s that quickly made us aware this car was in no way slow! Seeing a setup like this leads to a lot of questions and we started asking them. Follow this Aussie’s journey through Hot Rod’s Drag Week 2017 with us to see what a week of torture does to the spirits of a Drag Week newbie!