1320Video Wristband


1320Video Wristbands come in 5 different options, these durable, vibrant colored wristbands will last a long time and show people you’re down for some street car racing action!  We offer 3 styles with just our logo, as well as two styles with our red & white logo and text of “Less Talking More Racing” or “I Love 1320Lean”.  The designs are sunken into the wristband so the colors hold up for a very long time!

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Product Description

These high quality wristbands are 3/4″ with vibrant debossed imprinting to last MUCH longer than the standard ink printed wristbands (the logo is sunken into the wristband).  We now offer a total of 5 designs:

  • “Less Talk More Racing” – Including our white & red logo
  • “I Love 1320 Lean” (A drink we invented on our snapchat account ( add us @ crew_1320video)) – Including our white & Red logo
  • White & Red logo
  • White & Neon Green logo
  • White & Dark Blue logo (note, the blue is very dark and not super visible at times)

The three logo styles have our logo printed twice around the wristband

Please Note: The USPS doesn’t have a cheap method to ship these, we strongly recommend you order these in addition to other items to reduce shipping cost.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in

Less Talk More Racing, 1320Lean, Red & White, Neon Green & White, Dark Blue & White