This is a SERIOUS Achievement in the GTR World!

One of the easiest ways to make power is to remove restrictions by using better engineered parts, but thats not always the option for everyone. Sometimes doing MORE, with LESS is what sets you apart from the rest and thats exactly what the folks over at Command Performance did at the 2018 GTR World Cup in Palm Beach Florida!. Swapping out the factory turbo manifolds can instantly net huge performance gains, but the team at Command wanted to stand out in a different way and proved to the world that they have the means to push the envelope farther than anyone had before! Taking the record closer and closer to a 7 second run with each pass, the team eventually SHATTERED the previous record for stock manifold GTR by a large margin proving that they are capable of much more than just bolting on some tried and true parts for their customer base! They took the obstacle of OEM manifold limitations and hurdled it over it again and again, eventually landing them DEEP in the 7’s, where no other factory manifold car had ever been!