The Super Bowl of street racing occurs once a year on the Texas Streets.  For 2015, 1320Video once again takes you deep into the underground world of street racing and gives you a front row passenger seat to all the highlights that went down!  Twin Turbo Lambos, Goliath GT-Rs, BIG TURBO Supras, boosted & sprayed Corvettes, Mustangs, Vipers, and other unique, crazy street cars head south to play on the highways for five crazy BOOSTED NIGHTS.We now offer this in DVD, BluRay (1080p) and Digital Download (720p – Watermarked) versions!

IMPORTANT Digital Download info in the description section below.  You must download to a computer first, some phones & gaming systems will allow you to transfer after downloading, we don’t advise buying for those uses unless you have experience previously.

RELEASED: Nov. 16th 2015

BluRay note: Our BluRays do not play on XBOX 1 gaming systems, but do play in other BluRay Players due to a Microsoft restriction.  Please choose DVD version if you wish to play on an XBOX 1 system.

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