Texas Streets THE HUNT & TX2K14 Pre-Order

During the TX2K14 event, there is some madness that ensues on the streets, you will find highlights from that on this DVD, from your “average” 600hp Mustang to your 1800-2000hp TT Lambo, GT-R, or Supra, find all of the action on this movie! Length is expected in the 100-150 min range Select DVD or Bluray: [...]


LIVE From TX2K14 in Houston!

Our full crew (and then some) will be down in Houston from March 12-16 covering all of the events that go down, the roll racing Tues & Weds, dyno, car show, burnout contest, and bikini contest Friday, and Drag Racing Saturday and Sunday… it’s going to be a crazy trip!   Follow our live updates [...]


Jesus’ giant turbo GMC Sierra

Jesus’ 1300hp step-side GMC Sierra is no joke, this thing has a large housing 94mm Batmowheel turbo trapping in the 150mph range in the 1/4 mile. If he hadn’t broken the driveshaft (around the 900ft mark) on the last pass of this video he would have been in the 8′s pretty easily. Footage is from [...]


KOTS X DVD Now Shipping!

  Orders now shipping!!! The bi-annual Chitown’s KING OF THE STREETS event comes back for a September race at Great Lakes Dragaway, with even more action than before!  With the addition of a “Gangster” class, there was more cash on the line to take home if the racers (and their cars/bikes) had what it took to make [...]


L.A. Street Cars – 1000hp Cheyenne, 1100hp Turbo Fox, 700hp TT Cobra

After our first L.A. Street Racing video, everyone wanted to see more of the Red Cheyenne from the Mustang vs C10 video so we captured some more footage of it while we were in L.A. last to show you what the car is all about! The truck is built by Izzy Performance in L.A. along [...]